Ken’s Pepper Works Hot Sauces Review – Tasty Hot Bites #3 Video

Scott reviews three different offerings from Ken's Pepper Works - Island Sunshine, Rio Grande Mud and Red Thunder Hot Sauces. Ken's Pepper Works Hot Sauces can be purchased at The Official Scott Roberts Website: The Firecast Podcast: Subscribe to The Firecast via iTunes:

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2014/09/16 ScottRoberts, USA

The Bay Tree Roquito Chilli Spicey Sauce

I picked this sauce manufactured by The Bay Tree up from my local garden centre, they have an excellent farm shop and restaurant attached and often have interesting products, this one caught by eye as it mentioned Roquito Chillies. The Logo you see on the bottle is registered to Leathams Ltd in London, in the ...

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2014/09/15 ChileFoundry, UK

What’s In A Name? Spicy Food Terms and Definitions – Sauces, Salsas and More

In cooking, consuming and dealing with fiery cuisine, especially the liquid seasonings that give flavor and heat to dishes, you're going to stumble upon dozens of interrelated names and terms. Some of their meanings may be obvious, but chances are good that if you're newer to the world of spice you may get hung up ...

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2014/09/15 ScottRoberts, USA

Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet

Need to cook some vegetables in the kitchen, but don't know exactly how long to cook them? Here's a handy cheat sheet for boiling, steaming and microwaving veggies...

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2014/09/14 ScottRoberts, USA

Dedo de moça

Hi!These dedo de moça look like the ones I've been growing for 15+ years. But they are slightly hotter. Or actually, more than slightly. But they are delicious.We had these on crisp bread for lunch. Wonderful :-)Wishing you a great weekend!   Mats

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2014/09/13 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

The Mexican Flag on Your Plate: Chiles en Nogada for September 16: Mexico’s Independence Day

Chiles en nogada (stuffed chiles poblanos in walnut sauce), Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. Photo by Mexico Cooks!. Mexico celebrates its independence the entire month of September with parades, parties, and traditional food...

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2014/09/13 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

Chili Pepper Bike Challenge Held Again in El Paso, Texas

The El Paso, TX area’s biggest cycling event, the 33rd annual Chile Pepper Challenge, offers rides of 10, 22, 40, 62 and 100 miles on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. All rides will begin and end at La Viña Winery in La Union, N.M. This is the 3rd year the Challenge has been based at the winery, ...

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2014/09/13 ScottRoberts, USA

Bowers Chile Pepper Festival 2014 Video

The Chile Pepper Festival, which takes place every September outside of Bowers, Pennsylvania, is a highly underrated but rapidly growing gathering for chileheads featuring foodie booths of all kinds, pepper contests, and actual chile fields from which show attendees can pick pods. Our friend and fellow heat freak and griller "Firehead" Thomas Gately had attended the Chile ...

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2014/09/12 ScottRoberts, USA

Consuming Fires Smoked Jalapeño Sauce

Consuming Fires Sauces & Seasonings is a micro-business producing small batch, lightly smoked hot sauce. Launched in early 2014, Chef Ron and Teresa Jones have created Smoked Jalapeño, Smoked Habanero, and Smoked Andouille sauces. Consuming Fires: Smoked Hot Sauces I’m so excited to tell you about Consuming Fires and their smoked hot sauces. These ...

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2014/09/12 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

Bowers PA Chile Pepper Festival 2014

This past weekend was the 19th Annual Bowers Chile Pepper Festival. My sources say there were between 12,000 – 14,000 visitors this year! For the first time in the past 5 years we missed attending… Al Buddah Goldenberg & Captain Jim Kirk Thankfully, our good friend Captain Jim Kirk of Captain Jim’s Sauces was there ...

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2014/09/12 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

The World’s Best Spicy Food – Lonely Planet

If you are like me, I always have my eye out for new cookery books that bring me new things to try, there are a lot of repeats around at the moment and if I know what I am looking for I can find it the internet, but what I like about this book is ...

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2014/09/11 ChileFoundry, UK

The Firecast Podcast Episode #61 – NFL Veteran Reggie Kelly of Kyvan Foods

Listen Instantly! Your browser does not support the audio element. Click Above to Listen to This Episode Now! The Firecast with Scott Roberts: Firecast Podcast Episode #61 - NFL Veteran Reggie Kelly of Kyvan Foods Former member of the Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals, Reggie Kelly, stops by the Firecast to talk about his new lineup of BBQ sauces, salsas, apple butters ...

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2014/09/10 ScottRoberts, USA

Storing chillies for the cold winter months..

Freezing Chillies - Chillies keep in a freezer very well with no loss of heat or flavour. The chillies will be soft when thawed but this is not usually a problem if they are going to be cooked anyway. You can pop whole chillies straight into a plastic bag and pop in the freezer and they are easy ...

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2014/09/09 South Devon Chilli Farm, UK

Brighton Chilli Shop Are You Brave Enough

This weekend we found ourselves in Brighton for a non chilli event (I know what was I doing). So to make sure I got my Chilli fix we went to see the new owner of what was the ChilliPepperPete Chilli Shop. The Brighton Chilli Shop is still in the same location at 73 Trafalgar ...

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2014/09/08 ChileFoundry, UK

Urfa Biber Chile Pepper Test – Tasty Hot Bites #2 Video

Scott tries out the mild Urfa Biber pepper. Does he find it flavorful and worth cooking with? Watch to find out. Links: The Urfa Biber pepper is courtesy of Ford's Fiery Foods and Plants, found at The Official Scott Roberts Website: The Firecast Podcast:http://www.TheFirecast.comSubscribe to The Firecast via iTunes:

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2014/09/08 ScottRoberts, USA