Blues BBQ Sauces Sold to Blowin’ Smoke BBQ

My friend and sauce maker Steve Burnham (whom I interviewed about four years ago) has sold his Blues BBQ line to Jack Moore of Blowin’ Smoke BBQ Sauce. It’s of high interest to me, because the products under the Blues BBQ brand – the Habenero Reserve Sauce, the Carolina Pepper Sauce and the Chipolte Pepper ...

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2014/04/22 ScottRoberts, USA

20-minute Dinners: Shrimp & Greens Curry

I recently had a long chat with a friend who confessed to me that she absolutely dreaded the hour before it was dinnertime. She hates cooking, and the mere thought of “Whats’s for dinner tonight?”  can really drive  her up the wall. What she faces everyday is nothing new to most of us. Me included! ...

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2014/04/22 Hooked on Heat, USA

Easter pods

Hi!I keep some of my overwintered plants in the kitchen window. Usually I don't keep plants over the winter, but this year I gave it a try. I even  cut the roots earlier this year, and repotted them in new soil. ( The result has been over my expectations.Here is the dedo de moça. I ...

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2014/04/21 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

Musashi Green Sriracha and Spicy Mayo sauces

Yes, a green sriracha sauce called Midori Sriracha and a Japanese Spicy Mayo are now available in the US. Musashi Two Bottles Musashi Foods introduces first green sriracha and authentic Japanese spicy mayo in US A few bottles of Midori Sriracha and Japanese Spicy Mayo arrived at HotSauceDaily headquarters recently. What in the world? Green ...

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2014/04/21 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

Download the New Perfect BBQ Magazine!

There’s a new barbecue and grilling related magazine that I’m excited to talk about. Among the many projects in which I’m involved, I’ve become a contributor to a brand new electronic resource called Perfect BBQ Magazine that is available for iOS devices. I love this awesome magazine! I think the editors done everything the right way and ...

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2014/04/21 ScottRoberts, USA

Fried pepperoni for pizza

While it’s not exactly fried pepperoni, it is cooked in your microwave before placing onto your favorite frozen pizza or adding to your carry-out pizza. It’s especially good when reheating leftover pizza slices. Fried pepperoni on pizza Sliced microwaved pepperoni on pizza What you are really doing is simply zapping your pepperoni slices in the ...

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2014/04/20 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

Viernes Santo Procesión del Silencio :: Good Friday Procession of Silence, Morelia

Hooded drummers marked the beat of Morelia's penitential Procesión del Silencio: Good Friday's silent procession commemorating both the crucifixion of Christ and his Mother's grief. Only the drumbeat broke the...

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2014/04/19 Mexico, Mexico Cooks! turns 7 years old

We’ve been writing about hot sauces, bbq sauces and spicy recipes for 7 years now. Hot Sauce Daily celebrates 7 years Our first review post was about Lingham’s Hot Sauce on April 15, 2007. Back then, the blog looked like this: We’ve posted over 450 articles and have close to 5,000 comments to ...

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2014/04/18 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

California City Gives Sriracha Sauce Maker 90 Days to Clean Up Odor

IRWINDALE, Calif. (AP) - A Southern California city has declared the Huy Fong Foods, Inc. factory that produces a version of the popular Sriracha hot pepper sauce a public nuisance. The Irwindale City Council's action Wednesday night gives the factory 90 days to make changes to stop the spicy odors that prompted complaints from some residents ...

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2014/04/17 ScottRoberts, USA

I know the Muffin Man: Strawberry Banana Almond Muffin

As a kid, I loved sleeping in. Obviously, with school on weekdays, it was hard to keep my eyes shut with Mom screaming from the kitchen for me to get dressed. But not weekends. Aah… weekends were when I could get as much shut eye as I wanted – or rather, as much as my ...

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2014/04/17 Hooked on Heat, USA

Chilli Chilli Bang Bang – This summer’s guaranteed heat wave

Over 9th and 10th May together with our pals at Tweat Up, we’re helping our very own Thomasina Miers take over Dalston Yard as she hosts Chilli Chilli Bang Bang, celebrating the mighty chilli pepper.  It’ll be a 2 day fiesta of the country’s top street food, chefs demo-ing their most incredible chilli dishes alongside ...

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2014/04/16 UK, Wahaca

First one to flower…

I don't know the name of this one. I labeled the envelope - Brazilian, small, red, hot. It's a very nice plant. Compact with strong stems. Hope it will set fruit!Wishing you a nice hot week!   Mats

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2014/04/13 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden


    2014   CAJUN HOT SAUCE FESTIVAL   HOT SAUCE COMPETITION WINNERS     CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 1. Greenie, Captain Mowatts; Portland, ME 2. Wanke’s Yankees Jalepeno Hot Sauce; Norwalk, CT 3. Raptor Hot Sauce – Red Canyon Spice; Gypsum, CO HABANERO 1. Tropical Inferno – Mr. Pepper Sauce; Amarillo, TX 2. Mama Pearls Mild Sauce – Mama Pearls; Randolph, MA 3. Caliente Habanero – Fire ...

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2014/04/13 iloveitspicy, USA

"Semi jungle"

Hi!Honestly, not much to "report". This year's plants are growing fine. And the over-wintered ones are producing fruits, making me wish for fresh ripe chiles peppers for midsummer. :-)Sitting in my armchair, this is my view... As Patricia says - this is a jungle. Can't wait until they move out on the balcony.I agree.......Wishing you a ...

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2014/04/12 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

Abigail Mendoza Ruiz and Restaurante Tlamanalli: Food for the Gods in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

Emblematic of Oaxaca: chocolate caliente (hot and foamy hand-ground hot chocolate) prepared in water and served in a bowl. Zaachila market, Oaxaca. There's much more to Oaxaca's magic than simply...

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2014/04/12 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!