A Walk down Memory Lane: Chocolate Chip Oats Cookies

As I was cleaning up my archives and updating my recipe list with new links and pictures, it just dawned on me that this month, 8 years ago, was when I sheepishly logged online and typed up one of my first recipes. Its been a wonderful and fulfilling journey so far and I’m so grateful ...

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2014/09/02 Hooked on Heat, USA

Upton Cheyney Chilli and Cider Festival 2014

It has been at least 2 years since I visited the Upton Cheyney Chilli Festival, and how well it has grown up. It was always a well organized event, the location was splendid but best described as intermate, now they have moved main stalls to the field behind the farm, which gives them much more space ...

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2014/09/01 ChileFoundry, UK

ChileFoundry Now Open

Welcome back to The ChileFoundry, we are now open. There is still have a lot of engineering work to do to get the site faster and easier to maintain, but while we are doing the updates we will start publishing articles as they become available. Remember the Chilefoundry is not just a reviews site, we will ...

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2014/09/01 ChileFoundry, UK

Lite bilder från sommaren

Aji Colorado Dorset NagaPeppadew och baccatum from Dubai i bakgrunden Pimenta da PataPimenta da PataCarribean redCarpet pepperCarpet pepper 

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2014/09/01 Chilepeppar, Sweden

End of August

Hi!A small update. Not much happening with the plants right now. All of them are out on the balcony, and I have not decided if I will save some for the winter. There are some nice varieties, and I like to have a quick start in 2015. So probably I will save a few. Maybe ...

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2014/08/31 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

Review – High River Sauces Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot Sauce

This Carolina Reaper based hot sauce from High River Sauces has been out for some time now. If you haven't been living in a cave, nor have been a shipwreck-survivor on a desert island, you certainly know that the Carolina Reaper was crowned in November 2013 as the world's hottest chile pepper. Several hot sauce companies have been ...

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2014/08/31 ScottRoberts, USA

Herbs from a Mexican Garden: Old Kitchen Pals and Exotic New Friends

Fresh hierbabuena (mint) growing in a Morelia friend's garden. The cuisines of Mexico--and there are many--are a fantastic amalgam of indigenous corn-based food preparations with a heavy overlay of Spanish...

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2014/08/30 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

24th Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Contest Winners – 2014

Below are the winners for the 2014 Austin Hot Sauce Festival: Individual Category Red Sauce 1st Place: Keith Salas 2nd Place: Randy Kirchoff 3rd Place: Widespread Dave Green Sauce 1st Place: Doraelia Brackin 2nd Place: Gary Peifer 3rd Place: Rachelle Farmer...

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2014/08/30 ScottRoberts, USA

Review – Volcanic Peppers Death by Douglah Hot Sauce

Volcanic Peppers is a company run by a gentleman by the name of Tim Bader based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Volcanic Peppers specializes in an array of hot sauces as well as super hot powders, peanuts, spice blends and even caramels. Todays review is for a sauce entitled "Death by Douglah." Ingredients: Pineapple, Vinegar, Water, Chile Peppers ...

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2014/08/28 ScottRoberts, USA

Indian Food: E is for… Egg Curry

Over six years ago when I first introduced the Intro to Indian Food series of this very blog, I had no idea I was about to start a cult following. What started as a simple desire to help a few of my friends and readers learn the basics of Indian cooking, enabling them to enjoy ...

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2014/08/26 Hooked on Heat, USA

Our Meal Plan: Week 12

Hubby Dear is off early Monday morning on a week-long business trip. He gets back Friday night and then we all take off on a road trip Saturday morning for the long weekend! I have a busy Monday and Wednesday that’s been booked for cooking and photographing pics for the blog. Our (Baby Dear’s and ...

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2014/08/25 Hooked on Heat, USA

The Corn Kitchen: From February 5, 2007

Three types of maíz criollo, native Mexican corn. Corn is the staple and basic food of Mexico. It's the place to begin this culinary journey. There's nothing in the food...

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2014/08/23 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

Cajun Rice Krispie Chicken

This was a bit of an experiment as I fancied something different to breadcrums, crushed up crisps or crackers and was inspired by some prawns we had from Iceland at Christmas. It’s really simple and really tasty, the mayo could be spiced with all sorts of things but I had some left over hairy dieters cajun ...

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2014/08/22 Chilli Up North, UK

Save the Date for The Great Chicago Fiery Foods Show in 2015!

Save the Date for The Great Chicago Fiery Foods Show It’s time for the Windy City to bring the heat! Niles, IL, August 18, 2014: Breaking news! Today, it’s been announced that Jeremy Walsh, founder of Bigfat’s Hot Sauce, after months of research and consulting with other fiery food companies, will be hosting the first ever Great Chicago Fiery Foods Show on ...

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2014/08/20 ScottRoberts, USA

The Great Chicago Fiery Foods Show 2015

Press Release: Save the Date for The Great Chicago Fiery Foods Show It’s time for the Windy City to bring the heat! Niles, IL, August 18, 2014: Breaking news! Today, it’s been announced that Jeremy Walsh, founder of Bigfat’s Hot Sauce after months of research, consulting with other fiery food companies, will be hosting the first ever Great ...

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2014/08/19 iloveitspicy, USA