Buffalo Style Tater Tots

Tater Tots are tossed in Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce, topped with shredded chicken, a good dollop of Blue Cheese Dressing and served as an appetizer. You may never eat Tater Tots the same way again! Buffalo wing sauce Tater Tots Buffalo Tater Tots We buy deli cooked roasted chickens for a lot of meals. The ...

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2014/03/31 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

Witness to Life: The Rebozo in Mexico :: El Rebozo en México, Testigo de la Vida

Lovely young Agustina in her pink silk rebozo (long rectangular shawl). A friend recently gave me a copy of an old and anonymous Mexican poem, written in Spanish, in homage...

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2014/03/29 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

High River Sauces Featured On CBS This Morning News Show

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 28th,  2014 High River Sauces Featured On CBS Morning News Penn Yan, NY native, Steve Seabury will make his debut appearance on the CBS This Morning Show on Saturday March 29th at 8: 45 AM EST highlighting his awarding winning hot sauce company called High River Sauces. CBS news anchors Charlie Rose, Gayle Kingand Norah O'Donnell will sit down with Seabury and discuss his passion and journey through the hot ...

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2014/03/27 ScottRoberts, USA

Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce Trio

Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce believes “hot sauce should be more about flavor than overwhelming fire”. They might want to re-think that philosophy, as I find the trio of sauces they currently offer as hot, hotter, and hotter-er. Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce We first met the Jak Jeckel team at the Pepper ...

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2014/03/26 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Building on the success and momentum of last year’s Expo, Steve Seabury of High River Sauces is working very hard to elevate his baby to a whole new level. From last year’s outdoor event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to the indoor confines of the Penn Plaza Pavilion right next to the infamous Penn Station in New ...

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2014/03/26 iloveitspicy, USA

Apocalips Sweet Habanero Hellfire Sauce

From the creative mind of Dave Letterman and his hugely successful line of Bonfatto’s wing sauces, comes Apocalips Sweet Habanero Hellfire Hot Sauce. Dave’s successful Bonfatto’s Wing Sauces include the “Seven Wonders of the Sauce World” which translates, roughly, to seven amazing wing sauce products! Some of them rock on ice cream, but that’s ...

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2014/03/24 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

18th Annual Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods Marketplace

Hot Times Continue at 18th Annual Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods Marketplace The tantalizing smells of backyard barbecue and roasting chilies will once again fill the streets of downtown Madison, Indiana, as top grillers and lovers of hot peppers flock to the 18th Annual Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods Marketplace on the second ...

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2014/03/23 iloveitspicy, USA

March update

Hi!End of March already. Today I have been busy repotting some plants. The table in our living room is occupied with pots and plants :-)Here are some pictures of the plants that I have overintered.Pequin from Ischia. Very nice. Full of flowers, and some tiny pods.Goatsweed. This variety is always hard to take pictures of. ...

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2014/03/23 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

Country Chef Grilling Sauces on Kickstarter

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter projects (I’ve backed over 30), but I’ve never featured one in a post on HotSauceDaily. Country Chef Grilling Sauces on Kickstarter So I’m doing my first one for Country Chef Grilling Sauces from Chef Mike Espey of North Carolina, because I really believe in the flavors and quality ...

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2014/03/22 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

Comida Mexicana para La Cuaresma: Special Mexican Food for Lent

Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent, was March 5, 2014. The following article has been very popular as a reference since it was first published on Mexico Cooks!...

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2014/03/22 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

Spicy Sticky Pork Tenderloin Recipe

I’ve fallen back in love with pork tenderloin and can’t stop eating it, whether it’s grilled, griddled  or BBQd it’s a tasty and relatively low fat dish. It also takes on almost any flavours you throw at it. So the next two posts on here will be two of my favourite dishes that I’ve made ...

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2014/03/22 Chilli Up North, UK

Ytterligare en dag på mässan

Montern innan öppning på fredagen.Tistelvinds såser är verkligen populära! Ganska snabbt fylldes montern med folk.

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2014/03/22 Chilepeppar, Sweden

Fiber Joe Interviews Dragon’s Breath at 2014 Fiery Food Show

    I created The Boss habenero hot sauce for my fiance, Calvin. It has everything he asked for… a tomato base, apple cider vinegar, a robust flavor, and fruity habenero heat. We hope you love it as much as we do.     http://dragonsbreathsauce.com/ Dragon’s Breath Sauce 20555 Devonshire St. Suite #129 Chatsworth, Ca, 91311 (323) 836-8785 Facebook: CLICK ME Email: Christin@dragonsbreathsauce.com

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2014/03/21 iloveitspicy, USA

Första dagen på trädgårdsmässan

Då var mässan igång och som vanligt full fart.  Så kul att träffa alla gamla chilivänner och andra som man bara haft mejlkontakt med. Lite mör i benen men nu är det snart dax för fredagens pass. 

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2014/03/21 Chilepeppar, Sweden

REVIEW: Deano’s Jalapenos – White Cheddar

  Deanos Jalapenos are the most unique snack food available in the universe. Made with Real, fresh Jalapenos. Gluten Free Check us out at Deanosjalapenos.com Deanos Jalapenos are the newest and most unique snack food available in the universe. The” Jalapeno Chip” was first inspired at The Cactus Café in Stowe, VT by chef owner Doehne (aka ...

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2014/03/20 iloveitspicy, USA