Louisiana Brand Wing Kit Review

We’re kicking off our 6th Annual Week of Wings series with the Louisiana Brand Wing Kit – featuring Louisiana Brand Chicken Wing Seasoning and Louisiana Brand Original Wing Sauce. Week of Wings 6 – Day 1 Louisiana Brand Wing Kit Shrink wrapped Louisiana Wing Sauce and Wing Seasoning The Wing Kit comes with a 3 ...

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2015/02/02 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

DevonChilliman… an introduction

My wife and I have been running our catering business since 1990. Although we love what we do, my real underlying passion has been all things Chilies for around 20 years, yes I’m what’s known as a “Chillihead” With this passion (obsession maybe) we have decided to diversify and create “Devonchilliman” In 2013 I went ...

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2015/02/01 ChileFoundry, UK

Dhaba Style Mung Dal Recipe

The purpose of this recipe is to make a simple, healthy dal dish with the least possible effort involved. No oil, no ghee just a simple tasty dish that would happily grace the table of any Indian family. As with all dal recipes the longer and slower you cook them the better the end result. As ...

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2015/02/01 The Chilli King, UK

Starting 2015

Here we go again! A tradition more fun than Christmas :-)For over 20 years, I've been growing chiles, so it sure is a tradition. I checked my old posts, and this is how it looked five years ago. http://chilesinstockholm.blogspot.se/2011/01/we-have-started.htmlSo actually, there is not so much to say about the starting-the-pepper-year-procedure :-) I let the the ...

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2015/02/01 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

Firecast Podcast Episode #73 – Chat with DivaQ Danielle Dimovski of BBQ Crawl

Listen Instantly! Your browser does not support the audio element. Click Above to Listen to This Episode Now! Episode #73 - Barbecue Chat with DivaQ Danielle Dimovski of BBQ Crawl One of the First Ladies of the BBQ competition world, Danielle Dimovski, AKA DivaQ, joins Scott via Skype and talks about her smoker and grill preferences, outdoor cooking pet ...

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2015/02/01 ScottRoberts, USA

Mercado de Flores, Guadalajara–Guadalajara’s Wholesale Flower Market

When I lived in Guadalajara, it was my great pleasure to wander the city's wholesale flower market, talking with the long-time vendors and taking more pictures of glorious blooms than...

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2015/01/31 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

Review – Arthur Wayne Haba Haba “Dime” Hot Sauce Review

Rudy Reviews is back with a sauce that has a motto of "If It's Not Hot, It's Not Right!" Today's review is for Haba Haba "Dime" Hot Sauce made by Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce L.L.C., located in Missoula, MT. Started in 2014 by Arthur Schubert. Arthur started crafting his sauce back in 2007 after ...

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2015/01/31 ScottRoberts, USA

Sea Spring Seeds Guide – Pricking out chilli seedlings

Joy Michaud of Sea Spring Seeds show you how and when to prick out your chilli seedlings in the excellent video.

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2015/01/29 ChileFoundry, UK

For the love of Curry: Chicken & Chickpea Curry

It’s funny how, when I look back now, it suddenly occurred to me how much Hubby Dear and I bonded over food during the start of our relationship. It took us a  few weeks of regularly talking for hours on the phone before we actually had a chance to go out on our first date. ...

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2015/01/28 Hooked on Heat, USA

BBQ Central Radio Show Review Products – January 2015

Here are my ratings for the product reviews on tonight’s BBQ Central Radio Show with Greg Rempe (which aired 1/27/15): Deaf Man's BBQ Sauce Smoky Sweet 16 oz. - $4.95 http://www.deafmansbbq.com/ Rating: 2 out of 5 Bobby Brown Foods Boston Blend Rub 6 oz. - $8.29 http://bobbybrownfoods.com/ Rating: 3 out of 5 Absolutely Perfect BBQ Sauce 19.4oz. - $6.99 http://absolutelyperfectbbq.com/ Rating: 4 out of 5

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2015/01/28 ScottRoberts, USA

How hot is my chilli – using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to rate chillis

It’s the most often asked question for chilli lovers – ‘how hot is that chilli?’ The heat in the fruit comes from chemical compounds called capsaicinoids, of which the two most common are capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin. These two typically make up around 90 % of the total capsaicinoids present in any given chilli, but there ...

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2015/01/26 ChileFoundry, UK

Vote For the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Inaugural Class!

You can now vote for who is going to enter the very first year of the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame! The upcoming 3rd Annual New York City Hot Sauce Expo is hosting and presenting the official Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame will induct 5 people that all have been ...

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2015/01/26 ScottRoberts, USA

Peppers and More Beef Jerky Contest…….

6th Annual Jerky Contest which, like the event last year, is a World Class Jerky Competition. Again this year we will be doing a winner take all contest. Whether it’s hot or mild, we will be combining all types of […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

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2015/01/25 Peppers and More, USA

A Call for Help from one of our friends

Steve Zielinski also known as Crazy Steve from Crazy Steve’s Pickles & Salsa is a dear friend of ours here at ILoveItSpicy.  It saddens me to hear the trouble his wife Cathy is presently going through for Breast Cancer.  People often do not think about such things until it hits their lives, and when it ...

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2015/01/25 iloveitspicy, USA

Review – Paulman Acre Pinalava Sunshine Smoked Pepper Sauce

Rudy Reviews is back with another sauce to report on. Today I will be reviewing a sauce that came to me from the kind folks at Paulman Acre Smoked Pepper Sauces. Paulman Acre is located in Oceanside, California and is the creation of a gentleman by the name of Tim Paulman. The ...

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2015/01/25 ScottRoberts, USA