SNATCH Jerky “Original Peppered”

I think that there is a large mass of people in the world that LOVE beef jerky! I know I do. Who does not love a snack that is made of meat, tasty, and healthy? Well coming out of Arizona […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

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2014/06/30 Peppers and More, USA

Our Meal Plan: Week 5

Here’s our meal plan for the coming week. Tuesday is a holiday for Canada Day, so its a perfect day for our family BBQ, then it’ll be back to our weekly routine. What are you having for dinner this week? Please share your menus! MONDAY: - Rajma - Pulao and Salad TUESDAY: - Mediterranean Chicken Burgers - ...

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2014/06/29 Hooked on Heat, USA

Buddah’s Fiery Festival Ideas

I woke up with an idea that I wanted to share with you and in return would like to hear some feedback on what you think of it. As many of you know, I have attended many spicy and BBQ festivals/events over the past 6+ years. There is a big issue at some ...

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2014/06/29 iloveitspicy, USA

500 Years Over a Hot Mexican Stove

Make-do old fashioned cooking technique in Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán. Frijoles boil in a clay pot on the fogón (an on-the-ground cooking fire). The fire ring, in this case, is the wheel...

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2014/06/28 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

Lite bilder från chiliodlingen

Växthuset idagEn av mina favoriter sätter fullt med frukt:) Yellow Scorpion Cardi.Provade att isolera en blomma med ziplockpåse. Samma sort på gång att mogna.Min tävlingsplanta - Dorset Naga.Dorset Naga sätter frukt.Min favorit Ancho - Ancho Tiburon

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2014/06/28 Chilepeppar, Sweden

Fresh Guacamole Video by PES

Here's an extremely clever short on making guacamole. Well, sort of. I don't want to spoil anything, so just watch:

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2014/06/27 ScottRoberts, USA

Men Can Cook: Hubby Dear’s Famous Nachos

Hubby Dear rarely cooks. In fact, the only time he ever enters the kitchen is to peek over my shoulder to see what’s cooking. There was this one time a couple of years ago where I threw Hubby Dear a surprise birthday party with some of our closest friends and family. There were over 12 ...

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2014/06/26 Hooked on Heat, USA

Flyboy’s Salsa review

Why should you order salsa online? You can easily go to any grocery store and pick up Pace, or Tostidos, or even Chi-Chi’s… the list goes on and on. But what you end up with is a “grocery store salsa”. Mass produced with flavors and tastes that are bland and generic. Why should you ...

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2014/06/23 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

Our Meal Plan: Week 4

Here’s our meal plan for the coming week. Nothing out of the ordinary planned this week, just our regular days with preschool and weekly smim class for Baby Dear. What are you having for dinner this week? Please share your menus! MONDAY: - Spiced up Spaghetti (recipe coming soon!) - Salad TUESDAY: - Tuna Sandwiches - Fruit Salad ...

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2014/06/22 Hooked on Heat, USA

2014 The World Hot Sauce Awards

Introducing The World Hot Sauce Awards Category Trophies. 60 of these beauties will be awarded Friday July 18 to the best in the World at the Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo. There is still time to enter so let’s make this happen go to and enter right now. If you have already entered THANK YOU ...

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2014/06/21 iloveitspicy, USA

Restaurante Jing Teng: A Taste of Hong Kong in Mexico City

Even the littlest diners love Jing Teng! This sweetheart, no more than 18 months old, is eating her vegetable steamed dumpling and taking it all very seriously. A few Sundays...

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2014/06/21 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

BBQ Central Radio Show Review Products – June 2014

Here are my ratings for the product reviews on tonight's BBQ Central Radio Show (which aired 6/17/14): Jeaux’s Boys Cajun Tailgate BBQ Sauce 16 oz. - $7.50 Rating - 2/5 Chile Spot Competition BBQ Mop Sauce 13.5 oz. Rating - 4/5 Todd's Dirt Crabby Dirt 3.25 oz - $5.00 Rating - 3/5

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2014/06/21 ScottRoberts, USA

Happy Midsummer

I was hoping for my annuum from Brazil to turn red. But I'm still waiting. I'm not sure how much the temperatures matter for the pods to ripen. We're having a cold midsummer, so it won't be the heat that makes these pods red... :-) For the moment, we're having 12 degrees C...Anyway! We're going ...

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2014/06/20 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

Pantry Cooking: Tawa Pulao

It’s been hot and I think I’m melting! I could’ve sworn I was an inch taller just two weeks ago!! Thank goodness for the rain Gods, it’s been much cooler the past two days. I feel that I can now actually enter my beloved kitchen, without getting cooked myself. Although I enjoy making elaborate meals ...

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2014/06/20 Hooked on Heat, USA

REVIEWS: Chub Rub – Applewood Smoked

  Chub Rub was conceived in early 2010. After spending countless years grilling with off the shelf dry rubs, two grilling aficionados decided one night, that they would create their own version of a perfect blend of spices to produce the taste that they had been looking for. After many months of researching how different spices ...

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2014/06/19 iloveitspicy, USA