Viernes Santo Procesión del Silencio :: Good Friday Procession of Silence, Morelia

Hooded drummers marked the beat of Morelia's penitential Procesión del Silencio: Good Friday's silent procession commemorating both the crucifixion of Christ and his Mother's grief. Only the drumbeat broke the...

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2015/04/04 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

Firecast Podcast Episode #78 – Upcoming Hot Sauce and Chilehead Events and Festivals For 2015

Listen Instantly! Your browser does not support the audio element. Click Above to Listen to This Episode Now! Episode #78 - Upcoming Hot Sauce and Chilehead Events and Festivals For 2015 Scott covers all of the major trade shows, expos, festivals and events remaining in 2015 that are of interest to hot sauce fans, chile pepper lovers, and general ...

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2015/04/04 ScottRoberts, USA

Hot Headz Trinidad Scorpion Extra Hot Chilli Sauce

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,and to all you other people in the world known as chilli heads.Today I feel priveleged to be trying a hot sauce with not only trinidad scorpions in, but with 57% of the bottle comprising of them. WOOOOOOHHHH Mild? I highly doubt it but lets see. 148ml bottle from Hot-Headz! ...

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2015/04/04 ChileFoundry, UK

Så här skolar jag om mina chiliplantor

Efter  tips från trädgårdsgurun Monty Don så skolar jag numera om mina plantor på detta skonsamma sätt (Läs gärna mer om jorden jag använder i ett inlägg jag skrev för några dagar sedan).Först - se till att vattna plantorna du ska skola om. Krukan är en sk perennkruka (ofta 9x9 cm stor)Häll sedan i jord i ...

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2015/04/04 Chilepeppar, Sweden

Omnicolor still going strong!

Jag har två övervintrade chiliplantor av sorten Omnicolor (Aji Omnicolor) i köket. Omnicolor var en sort som rönte stor uppmärksamhet i början av 2000-talet och var då chilin som alla ville ha! Philippe Plönninges lovord om sorten i trädgårdstidningar och böcker gjorde inte saken sämre. Chilin är både exceptionellt vacker, mycket god och lagom het ...

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2015/04/03 Chilepeppar, Sweden

Black Bean Quesadilas Recipe

For an authentic taste of Mexican food you need look no further than the humble quesadilla. This delicious black bean quesadilla recipe is incredibly quick to make and at a push can be made out of purely store cupboard ingredients. � Bean Paste Ingredients 1 tin of black beans 1 teaspoon of roasted/ground cumin seeds 1/2 teaspoon of ground coriander ...

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2015/04/02 The Chilli King, UK

March with The Devon Chilli Man

Hello fellow Chilliheads/Growers I’ve been just as busy in March to the point I don’t know where that month went !! The plants are absolutely flying now and I’m now starting to think about potting on, I now have about 400 chilli plants in a lean-to which are under a grow light, this is the first time ...

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2015/04/02 ChileFoundry, UK

Fiber Joe Interviews Black Market Salsa at the 27th Annual Fiery Foods Show

  The Belligerent Batch Has Arrived! Posted on December 23, 2014 by Christmas has come early for salsa lovers across the nation because you can now order our new habanero salsa, The Belligerent Batch, online! Our release party at the Farm Shop of Los Poblanos was this weekend and everyone had a great time! The response to the ...

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2015/04/01 iloveitspicy, USA

REVIEWS – Fix Sririacha

    Our Fix journey started in Vietnam, where we saw and tasted the difference of authentic, farm-fresh, and non-processed goodness. Our minds were blown. From then, we made it our mission to bottle the premium flavors of South Asia and bring it back home. We used to be interested in average bowls of pho served with your ...

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2015/03/31 iloveitspicy, USA

Vilken jord är bäst till chili?

På trädgårdsmässan fick jag väldigt många frågor om jord. Jag försökte svara så enkelt som möjligt, dvs det fungerar med nästan vilken jord som helst. Men en väldigt billig plantjord kan behöva blandas ut med exempelvis kogödsel. Annars rekommenderade jag jordar som rosjord, U-jord, E-Jord, blomjord med leca osv.Hur gör jag själv då? Jo, jag ...

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2015/03/30 Chilepeppar, Sweden

Chili Light – en belysning för chili med klass!

Lysrör är en suverän belysning för chili men en nackdel med många lysrörsarmaturer är att de inte är vackra. Speciellt om man odlar på liten yta och inte har möjlighet att ha växterna i ett odlingsrum så vill jag ha en fin lampa. Nu har Stig Häggkvist tagit fram denna mycket trevliga Chili Light - ...

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2015/03/30 Chilepeppar, Sweden

Georgia Black

Trodde jag hade koll på de amerikanska kulturarvs chilina. Men denna var ny för mig - Georgia Black. Så här skriver om sorten:Georgia Black är en gammal kultursort från Georgia i USA.Plantorna blir 70-90 cm höga och de avlånga och skrynkliga frukterna 5-7 cm långa.Chilins färg går från grön till mörkt chokladbrun vid mognad.Smaken är ...

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2015/03/29 Chilepeppar, Sweden

Zirita Culinary Experiences: Morelia Cooking School with Heart

Many people--Mexico Cooks! included--are convinced that maestra Benedicta Alejo Várgas is the finest traditional cook in the state of Michoacán. Here, maestra Benedicta explains some of the finer points of...

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2015/03/28 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

World’s Hottest Pepper Producer, Puckerbutt Pepper Company, Creates Variety Twice as Hot in NEW HP-56

Here is a video of WBTV-CBS Charlotte, North Carolina TV reporter, Kristen Hampton, eat a decent-sized chink of pepper that looks to the successor to Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper, which is currently the world's hottest chile pepper. The producer of both the Carolina Reaper and this new hotter strain, the HP-56, Ed Currie of Puckerbutt ...

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2015/03/28 ScottRoberts, USA

Second great year planned for East Midlands Chilli, Beer and Artisan Festival!!

Book mark the 11th and 12th July 2015 for the second year of this great event which will be hosted at the home of ChilliBobs Chilli Farm – Orchard Farm, Fiskerton Road, Rolleston Notts. NG23 5SJ. This year as well as over 30 chilli stalls and everything from Chilli beer, cider, ice cream, chocolate, fudge and ...

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2015/03/28 ChileFoundry, UK