Rio, again

This is really a beautiful plant. The pods are very decorative.But there is something that puzzles me. The pods, even on the same plant, look different. Some are wrinkled. Some almost waxed. Some erect. Some are small, and some are like this fellow below. Like a Capsicum baccatum pendulum.I've seen plants with different looking pods. ...

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2014/08/13 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

Curry in a Hurry: Homestyle Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry to me is one of those no-fail comfort foods that never cease to please. They can be made in a million ways, each tasting dramatically different from the other, yet instill that familiar warmth and coziness that only comes with eating food that’s been cooked with love. It doesn’t matter how many times ...

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2014/08/13 Hooked on Heat, USA

Stockholm – question

I like to walk around in Stockholm with my camera around my neck. It's good as a change to crawling on the balcony, taking pictures of peppers :-)I like the perspective of this one. Three landmarks of Stockholm in one shot.Do you know where the picture is taken?Regards,  Mats

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2014/08/12 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

An old favorite – Alberto

Hi!Cross pollination is inevitable on a balcony, and especially when the grower (me) doesn't do anything to prevent it....This one grow in a corner of the balcony, and I have sort of neglected it during the summer. But now, when the pods mature, it is really a beautiful plant.We had some ripe pods on bread ...

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2014/08/12 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden


Hi!This is my overwintered cumari. I got the original seeds from Salvador in 2001. The seeds that this plant originate from are from a plant back in 2006.I like this one a lot. It is quite different compared to other plants that I grow. The stem and branches break more easily.It does not show very ...

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2014/08/12 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

NYC Hot Sauce Expo Presents The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame

Immediate Release August 12, 2014 NYC Hot Sauce Expo – Presents The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Steve Seabury, owner of High River Sauces and the organizer of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, will present to the world the official Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Foundation. The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame will induct 5 people in its inaugural year and each of the following years they will ...

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2014/08/12 ScottRoberts, USA

REVIEWS: Red Snapper – Wildwood Arbol

    Hey ILoveItSpicy, here is the third review for Red Snapper Sauce Co. Hope everyone enjoys it. Ken Alexander Derrick Wood 329 E 400 S Orem, Utah 84058 (801) 885-4562 Facebook: CLICK ME

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2014/08/11 iloveitspicy, USA

Our Meal Plan: Week 10

Hubby takes off again tomorrow and is back on Wednesday night. Other than that, Baby Dear and I will pretty much go by our regular weekday routine. I have an event to attend Thursday night, which means dinner needs to be something that both my guys can manage to pull off without me. And then ...

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2014/08/11 Hooked on Heat, USA

Sunday lunch

Hi!The tiny ne to the left is a Goatsweed. It's really hot. Not like a chinense, but with an immediate heat that causes the taste buds on my tongue to shut down :-)Number 2 and 3 from the left are from Brazil. A baccatum with a name that is unknown to me. A nice baccatum ...

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2014/08/10 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden

YUCATÁN: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition, by David Sterling

The book: its 560 gorgeous pages cover everything Yucatecan from achiote to zapote. A 10-year-long labor of love, YUCATÁN is the finest cookbook, love story, history book, and--did I say...

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2014/08/09 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

2014 Houston Hot Sauce Festival: Vendors’ List & More

Event Details: Admission: $10, children under 12 free Times: Sat. 11 – 6, Sun Noon – 5 Location: Stafford Centre 10505 Cash Rd. Stafford, TX Contact: Carol Borge Phone: 281-558-3518 Email: Web: Parking: Free NO Pets or Coolers The Houston Hot Sauce Festival Exhibitor List… 90 Vendors from all over the country. 1893 Salsa – Sugar Land, TX 92FM – Houston, TX Austin Gourmet Foods – Pflugerville, TX Austin Slow ...

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2014/08/09 iloveitspicy, USA

REVIEWS: Red Snapper – Savoureaux

  This is 2 of 3 reviews for Red Snapper Savoureaux. One of our Reviewers had issues at work and was unable to do the review. If he is able to get everything resolved we will post his separately. Until then here is the review. Ken Alexander Derrick Wood 329 E 400 S Orem, Utah 84058 (801) 885-4562 Facebook: CLICK ME

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2014/08/07 iloveitspicy, USA

Indian Food: D is for… Dhabewali Dal Tadka

Over six years ago when I first introduced the Intro to Indian Food series of this very blog, I had no idea I was about to start a cult following. What started as a simple desire to help a few of my friends and readers learn the basics of Indian cooking, enabling them to enjoy ...

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2014/08/07 Hooked on Heat, USA

2014 Weekend of Fire

JUNGLE JIM’S WEEKEND OF FIRE BRINGS THE HEAT Once again, the Weekend of Fire promises to be filled with wild and fiery fun that only Jungle Jim’s could ignite! Join other chileheads, hot food makers, and fiery food lovers for the festivities on October 4th and 5th at the Oscar Event Center in Fairfield. For this weekend ...

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2014/08/06 iloveitspicy, USA


Thanks to Patrik, whom I got the seeds from. Patrik calls this one Rio. It's a Capsicum chinense.This is a nice looking plant. The pods have an attitude and look very hot. They vary a lot in shape, so I don't know how stable it is.But it's very nice to look at. Here are some ...

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2014/08/06 Chiles in Stockholm, Sweden