Grim Reaper Foods – MORT 2015 – Released at 9PM GMT tonight

Today, brings the unleashing of the Grim Reaper Foods – 2015’s MORT limited edition hot sauce, made with Scorpion Morouga peppers grown here in the UK by chilehead Chris Saunders! This is the third MORT, in 2013 it sold out in 8 days, last year however, it sold out in just over 2 hours. Today ...

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2015/01/11 ChileFoundry, UK

Mexican Traditions from the Day of the Three Kings to Candelaria

Most Mexicans eat traditional rosca de reyes (Three Kings' Bread) on January 6. Its usual accompaniment is chocolate caliente (hot chocolate) made in the traditional way--with water, not milk. The...

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2015/01/10 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

Scott’s Ultimate, Number One, Primary Chili Recipe

Here is comes. After several years of a baffling absence, I've finally decided to make public my very own, "top-secret", personal, Roberts-family chili recipe. This is the delicious, spicy, hearty, chunky, "go-to" chili that I developed several years ago, and it is the chili I make on a regular basis throughout the year. Well, just ...

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2015/01/10 ScottRoberts, USA

January Chilli Sales – Chilli Offers Online

A number of UK chilli producers are offering some very special offers at the moment :- Chillilicious is having a ‘mad crazy sale’ on everything in a first come first served basis, so if you like Chillicious stuff it is time to get over to their web site before its all gone. See their Facebook ...

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2015/01/08 ChileFoundry, UK

2015 NYC Hot Sauce Expo Media Hall of Fame

The NYC Hot Sauce Expo & High River Sauces will present the official Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Foundation. The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame will induct 5 people in 2015 who have been very instrumental in the fiery foods industry. To be eligible for the nominating or voting process, a person must operate within the ...

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2015/01/08 iloveitspicy, USA

Crowd Funding – Chilli Fest UK

I have know Alexander Mustang for a few years, he is always working hard on something, his latest project is to launch a range of chilli products under this Chilli Fest UK brand and he is looking to you crowd funding to get it started. This is not a plug for they project as such, but ...

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2015/01/07 ChileFoundry, UK

Video of Inside the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Factory

Here is a short but sweet video of the process Huy Fong Foods, the most popular maker of Sriracha-style condiments, goes through to create their spicy "Rooster Sauce", courtesy of Hypebeast. Here is their explanation of it: "In our latest edition of Hypebeast Process, CEO and founder of Huy Fong Foods, David Tran, walks us ...

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2015/01/07 ScottRoberts, USA

Let’s Begin: Chicken Fried Rice

A very happy new year to all my fabulous readers! Here’s wishing that 2015 brings you and me tons of love, luck and joy!! So, it’s January. A brand spanking new year. A wonderful new beginning. A chance to start fresh on clean slate. 2014 was a great comeback year for me. I felt motivated ...

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2015/01/06 Hooked on Heat, USA

Clifton Chilli Club – People’s Choice Awards 2014

The amazing Clifton Chilli Club is running a award scheme that you can all take part in, they have called it the People’s Chouce Awards 2014. There are 11 award categories that are awaiting your votes, so please take the time (it only takes a few minutes) to recognise some of the people who have made ...

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2015/01/05 ChileFoundry, UK

Firecast Podcast Episode #71 – Interview with Best Product of the Year Winners Born to Hula, Plus Ken’s Favorite Products of 2014

Listen Instantly! Your browser does not support the audio element. Click Above to Listen to This Episode Now! Episode #71 - Best Product of the Year Winners Born to Hula, Plus Ken's Favourite Products of 2014 Scott chats with New Jersey-based Born to Hula Hot Sauce owners Ed and Amy Bucholtz, who make what Scott picked as best spicy ...

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2015/01/05 ScottRoberts, USA

Boulevard 647 Buffalo Bleu Cheese Dip

Over at the Boulevard 647 Specialty Food Company, our friend, the Hot Dip Mastermind Dwayne Dittmer, brings us his award winning Buffalo Bleu Cheese Dip. The French might call the cheese “bleu” but in America, we say BLUE CHEESE. Buffalo Bleu Cheese Dip Spice up your next Holiday or Football party with this ...

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2015/01/05 Hot Sauce Daily, USA

Review – Boulder Hot Sauce Company Harry’s Habanero

Hey everyone, Rudy Reviews is back with a hot sauce review! Today I'll be reporting on a sauce from Boulder Hot Sauce Company called "Harry's Habanero." Boulder Hot Sauce Company is located in Boulder, CO (who would have thought?) and is operated by a gentleman named Harry Robertson who makes all of the ...

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2015/01/04 ScottRoberts, USA

2014 – en summering av odlade chilisorter

2014 årets chilisorter – så gick det.Då var det dags att summera 2014 års chiliodling. Juni var ju extremt kallt vilket gjorde det mycket tufft för de plantor som stod ute. Juli var sedan extremt varm. Sedan kom augusti som blev kall och inget bra för chili. September stod dock för en liten räddning efter ...

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2015/01/03 Chilepeppar, Sweden

Ritos del Año Nuevo: Happy New Year, Mexican Style

In Mexico and other Latin American countries, women wear yellow underwear on New Year's Eve to bring good luck and wealth in the year to come. Red underwear indicates a...

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2015/01/03 Mexico, Mexico Cooks!

Fiery Foods & BBQ Survey

Whatever kind of foodie you are, which include being a chilehead, BBQer, hot sauce fan, chile pepper grower & eater, chef or cook, sauce & product manufacturer, and more...I want to know about you! Please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey so that I can serve you better as a blogger, a ...

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2015/01/03 ScottRoberts, USA